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Traveling the west coast of California? Maybe you live here full time or frequent the area with your rig. Regardless of if you're a trailer hitch veteran or new to the game, we all find ourselves needing assistance from time to time. Fred Berry offers his services on board his fully equipped RV Hauling tow truck.


With six years of certified moving under his belt, Fred is available to get you where you need to be without the stress. Need a set-up? He's got you covered. Ready to lift trailers, goose necks, 5th wheels, tiny homes or boats! Hauler is fully insured and open to travel. Don't hesitate to call for an estimate!

Move and set-up with one phone call! Don't waste your valuable time again.

To ensure safety and the ability to assist people in tricky situations, we use special equipment like the AIRTUG® TRAILER TUG which allows us to push or pull a trailer into tighter spaces that may be virtually impossible with a tow vehicle.